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It's not as easy as it sounds

Adding posts to my blog here is not as easy as I think it should be. First of all, I'm an older guy. I didn't really grow up with computers so I have to remind myself to record certain things, usually after the fact. For example, someone is clearing a plot of land of timber less than a quarter mile down the road from my studio. Normally this activity is engaging to me but beyond that, nothing. I don't think to record it and share it here until after it's started taking place. I also think to myself, who really wants to get into that? So there are feelings of self-confidence there too.

Well, I plan on getting better at it over time. It's like anything, a process of learning and reacting to the world around me and understanding how I can use it to my advantage.

Case in point, my planned studio space. At approximately 800 square feet, it's spacious. It was originally used as an auto repair shop but I want to convert it into an art studio. It's pretty raw but has 10 foot tall ceilings and ample lighting. I have a bunch of ideas of how I could use this space and they range from a simple work space for myself to multiple artist studios with a possible residency and even a performance art and music space. So how interesting is all of this to other people? That is a question I ask myself as I sit here and type and one I ask about my own work. Now if I could only get into the habit of doing it more consistently.

Thanks for reading!

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